ATSC Audio Summit, Ver. 2.0 - Audio Loudness & Lip-Sync: Finding Solutions

HPA Insight / Foresight Visions of the Future Supersession

Mark Schubin, consultant, Pt. 2

Introduction & Technology Year in Review - Mark Schubin

Intro - Review

2009 FCC Competition

2009 CEA Household Penetration

CES Review - Peter Putman, ROAM Consulting

Sustainable Media Technology & Practice - Matt Peterson, Vertatique

New developments in stereoscopy

Hybrid/Multi-mode 3-D creation - David Seigle, In-Three

Autostereoscopic display - Pia Maffei, Alioscopy USA

High Frame-Rate Television - Steve Jolly, BBC Research

Additional content published by BBC

Studio/distribution concatenated-compression test results - Hans Hoffmann, EBU

Broadcasting: Analog TurnED Off & What's Next?

ATSC 2.0 - Graham Jones, NAB

Jerry Butler, PBS

Jim Starzynski, NBC Universal

Robert Seidel, CBS

Impact of New Display Technologies on Reference Monitoring

Gary Mandle, Sony

Washington Update - Jim Burger, Dow Lohnes

Content ID: Not quite ready for prime time? - Clyde Smith, Turner Broadcasting &

Katherine Parker, Sun Microsystems

Building a Network for Content Creators - Anthony Magliocco, AboveNet, Inc.

Real-world data-transfer results - James Fancher, Deluxe Digital Media

Storage year in review - Rob Kobrin, Integrated Media Technologies

Software technologies panel - John Footen, moderator

BXF - Chris Lennon, Harris

Service-Oriented Storage - Simon Eldridge, Omneon

Broadcaster Case Study - Jerry Butler, PBS

Technology trends in post infrastructure: appliances to clusters to microcode - Tom Burns, Technicolor

Advanced processing

Cell technology - Lance Kelson, Sony

FPGAs - Juan Pertierra, Cine-tal

Grid-based transcoding - Jason Danielson, Omneon

4K+ theory basics, part II: dynamic range - Hans Kiening, ARRI

4K Systems Technology Brochure

Correction of defects in 4K scanning using advanced technologies - Dave Cavena, Image Trends

How cable works - Steve Lampen, Belden

A test pattern for the digital age - Norm Hurst, Sarnoff

Online Sensitometry for Digital-Intermediate Calibration - Ujwal Nirgudkar, Alfa Imaging Systems, India

Minimizing color variation - Gary Demos, Image Essence

Spatial Hearing - James Johnston, DTS

Post-Retreat treat:

The Metropolitan Opera's Live Global Cinemacasts - Mark Schubin, Metropolitan Opera

Breakfast Roundtables

Content ID: Ready for prime time? - Katherine Parker, Sun Microsystems

Aspect Ratio Angst., Bruce Jacobs, Twin Cities Public Television

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Multiformat World - Bruce Jacobs, Twin Cities Public Television Acquisition Formats



Archive eXchange Format (AXF), Merrill Weiss


Brushing Up on Upconversion, Bruce Jacobs


Concatenated Compression Effects, Josh Derby


Consumer Electronics Overview, Shawn DuBravac


Consumer Electronics Show Review, Peter Putman


Cross Media Format Workflow for Production, Postproduction, & Archiving, Siegfried Foessel


Dirac Pro for Post, Peter Wilson


Financial Analyst's Follow-Up and Further Inquiry, Mike Olson


High Dynamic Range Display Technology, Dave Schnuelle


Introduction & Technology Year in Review, Mark Schubin


Layered Motion Compensation, Gary Demos


Less than a Year to Go: What Happens after Analog Cutoff, Bob Seidel


Less than a Year to Go: What Happens after Analog Cutoff, Glenn Reitmeier


Looking at the Other End: All About HDMI, Steve Lampen


Motion in Visual Media Production, Anil Kokaram & MC Patel


One Studio Perspective on the Digital-Cinema Transition, Wade Hanniball


Parameters for evaluation monitors (Breakfast Roundtable), Peter Putman


Supersession Post 3D: Moving from a Science Project to a Business, Jerry Pierce


Supersession Post 3D: Moving from a Science Project to a Business, Patrick Palmer


Supersession Post 3D: Moving from a Science Project to a Business, Chuck Viane


Supersession Post 3D: Moving from a Science Project to a Business, Doug Darrow


Supersession Post 3D: Moving from a Science Project to a Business, Alan Bell


Supersession Post 3D: Moving from a Science Project to a Business, Joe Cirincione


Task Force on Synchronization & Timing, Peter Symes


Tools for Evaluating HD Fixed-Pixel Display Performance, Jed Deame


Washington Update, Jim Burger




A New Concept for Post & Distribution, Igor Borovikov



Archiving Movies in a Digital World, Dave Cavena



AVC: New directions and applications, Peter Symes



CEA Penetration Figures, Mark Schubin



Digital-Cinematography Cameras, Mark Schubin



Display and Consumer Electronics Update, Peter Putman



Dynamic and Interactive Scalable Workflow for Digital Motion Picture Production, Adrian Widera & Siegfried Foessel



EMC Today, Paul Swedberg



Extended Color Gamut for Consumers - the Display Side, Jeroen Stessen



Facemorph (software demo)



File-based Workflow for Transcoding Theatrical Content to a Variety of Entertainment Video Formats, Christoph Fehn



FrameFree Video Compression - Critical Points versus Block Matching, Igor Borovikov



HD-ENG Field Test Report, Bob Seidel



HZ-CA13U Film Lens Adapter, Craig Yanagi



Introduction, Mark Schubin



Managing the Lifecycle of Hollywood Data, Brian Olson



"New" Extended-gamut Color Space for Video Applications; xvYCC (IEC61966-2-4), Naoya Katoh



Nielsen Penetrations, Mark Schubin



PBS Update, Jerry Butler



Predicting (or Creating?) the Future of Home Entertainment, John Godfrey



Production for the Long Tail, Steve Stough



RAW Workflows: Impacts on Aquisition and Post, David Newman



Securing and Archiving Content Assets, Utilizing Holographic Data Recording, Art Rancis



Spatio-Temporal Quincunx Sub-Sampling (...and how we get there), David Lyon



The DTV Transition & Digital Rights Washington Update: The Year In Review, Jim Burger



The MXF Mastering Format A proposal to address existing MXF interoperability issues, Clyde Smith



The Video Consumer Marketplace: We're Getting There, BUT..., Michael Heiss



TV Sizing Trends, Mark Schubin



Understanding and Measuring Loudness, Josh Derby & Mark Edmondson



Understanding Transport Streams, Laszlo Zoltan



XDCAM HD Dailies, Brian Quandt






10 Gigabit Audio and Video Networking, Steve Lampen



4K Pure Cinema Joint Field Trial NTT-WB-TOHO Digital Cinema Distribution over International Fiber Networks, Tetsuro Fujii



960 x 540 Down-Rez For whom is it bad?, Mark Schubin



Advanced Camera Research at NHK, Hiroshi Shimamoto



ARRI D20 Camera Tests, Stephan Ukas-Bradley



Audio Metadata: Key For Producer Creativity and Tool for Broadcaster Flexibility, Kenneth Hunold



AVC Compression Update: FRExt and future, Matthew Goldman



CEA Penetration Figures, Mark Schubin



CineGrid, Tom DeFanti



CineGrid, Laurin Herr



Compression Update: Advanced Codecs Standardization Activities, Patrick Waddell



Digital Steroscopic (3D) Presentation: How its Done Today and Post Production Implications, Glenn Kennel



D-ILA Technology Contrast/Grayscale, Color, Scaling, Deinterlacing/Motion, Rod Sterling



FCC Competition Report, Mark Schubin



Film Grain Technology, Jeff Cooper



Final Cut Studio - Native Long-GOP Editing, Brett Halle



Fraunhofer Network Digital Cinema, Siegfried Foessel



Harry Potter in 4K Pure Cinema, Wendy Aylsworth



HDTV at CBS & UPN (CW), Robert Seidel



HPA 2006 Broadcaster Panel, Glenn Reitmeier



Introduction, Mark Schubin



ISA - Interoperability and Security Architecture, Julien Seligmann



Lip Sync of Audio/Video Distribution and Display, Bill Hogan & Michael Smith



Lossless Layered Residual System, Gary Demos



Metadata for Formatting with Multiple Aspect Ratios, Graham Jones



Native Editing with Final Cut Pro 5 - FAQ's



(Non-Color) Display Signal Processing, Jed Deame



Octavision 8M pixel - Quad HD motion picture camera/recorder, Nobuyuki "Nick" Koyama



Panel on 3D Movie Production, Thomas MacCalla



Project Lightspeed TelcoTV Update, Brad Medford



Quest for an Image Interchange and Mastering Format, Jim Houston


Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, Naohisa Ohta


See It Now: A Primer on LCD, DLP, LCoS, and Plasma Technologies, Pete Putman


Small Format HD Acquisition, Mark Schubin


Some Random Thoughts on the "new" 3D, Rob Engle


The DTV Transition & Digital Rights Washington Update: The Year In Review, Jim Burger


The Evolving Home - Traffic Theory, Piracy and the New Home, Jerry Pierce


TV for Mobile Devices, Tom McDonough


Universal Pictures D-Cinema: "Serenity" DCP and Trailers, Wade Hanniball






A comparison of MPEG-2 Video, MPEG-4 AVC, and SMPTE VC-1, Matthew Goldman


Updates in MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Standard to Improve Picture Quality and Usability, Jiuhuai Lu


Patent Licensing 101, Ron Moore


Delivering More Video Content at Half the Cost Using MPEG-4 AVC, Bob Wilson


Introduction, Mark Schubin


CEA Penetration Figures, Mark Schubin


FCC Report, Mark Schubin


ABC Television Network DTV Status Report, Mike Strein


CBS/UPN HDTV Update, Robert Seidel


CE Industry Overview, Brian Markwalter


Digital Content Protection 2005 Status Report, Brad Hunt


Tapeless Camcorder Acquisition Dual Media Approach, Robert Harris


Uncompressed Recording - Camera to Post Workflow, Don Miskowich


Film Transfer for Digital Intermediate, Dave Bancroft


Optimizing Displays for Digital Dailies, Loren Nielsen


X'Y'Z' Color Encoding for Digital Cinema Distribution, Glenn Kennel


Make Your Own DCP - A Guide to Creating D-Cinema Distribution Packages, John Hurst


WorldScreen Layered Scheme Compression for the Digital Cinema Chain, Mike Christmann


Digital Cinema in Japan, Laurin Herr


A Look at Consumer Displays - 2005 CES, Pete Putman


ISAN: International Standard Audiovisual Number, Merrill Weiss


The DTV Transition & Grokster - A Washington Update, Jim Burger


Extended Content Control Information (ExCCI) Packet -  The Studio Side of DRM, Merrill Weiss


Sound Editing Workflows in Post Production, John Mckay


Final Cut Pro HD & XML, Brett Halle


Dust to Glory - Case Study, Jacob Rosenberg


Standards Organizations: Are They Still Relevant to Users?, Peter Symes


Introduction to GFX, Paul Collins


User Interfaces and Technology Choices, Pete Challinger


Translating Hollywood's Command of Audience to the Networked Distribution Reality -  What Hollywood Can Learn from Digital Identity, Patrick Gregston


Skew - What it is, What it Means, Why You Should Care, Steve Lampen


Motion Estimation/Compensation for Noise Reduction & Image Enhancement, Fredrik Lidberg


4k File Access without Transfer OR All the way to 4K, Chris Golson

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